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Girl rides bike several hundred kilometres; does not die.

January 24, 2012

I haven’t achieved this feat yet, but I just thought i’d start off with some sort of affirmative statement because I actually am a bit nervous. Apart from year 10 camp where we took several days to do the rail trail in central, I never actually have done any long distance cycling.

I’m moving to Wellington this year, for university, and the plan is to cycle, with my fly and my sleeping bag and my cooker and lots of potato flakes and quinoa, over about ( probably at least) 10 days from Dunedin to Wellington ( or more technically, to Picton, and then to catch the ferry across) My reasons for deciding to bike are as follows

I needed some way to get my bike to Wellington.

Planes are lame and unfashionable. I feel bad about all of last years flying and intend never to step foot in one again if I can help it, at least not for getting to places within NZ.

I don’t have a car.

Cars are also lame

I can’t drive anyway.

Biking is free ( although by the time I have to pay for the ferry and for icecreams and so on it won’t really be much cheaper than flying.

It’s far more exciting. And more difficult, and probably more dangerous and risky, all of which I value immensely. These days no one ever gets the chance to go on epic journeys, the sort where you don’t know exactly where you will stay the next night, or what you will eat, or who you’ll meet, or how long it will take. It’s like being a hobbit on the way to Mt Doom

Biking is quicker than walking.

Mainly it’s because I need some way to get to Wellington. I like very much the fact that the trip is for a perfectly logical practical purpose , because I hate the idea of exercise when there isn’t a reason for it.

And also because I said I would several weeks ago, and to back out now would show a thorough limpness of spirit and a lack of backbone

I leave on Thursday morning, which is in one and a ¼ days and I shall post some updates of the journey if I can, however I may well be thoroughly incapacitated by unfitness so I won’t promise anything







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